Contact Addresses for the
Regular Cast of ``The Sandbaggers''

When writing to actors, it is customary to contact them in care of their agents. These addresses are taken from the 1990/91 edition of ``Spotlight,'' the British players' directory. (Remember to append ``GREAT BRITAIN'' to them if writing from outside Britain.) Sadly, Dennis Burgess (``John Tower Gibbs'') is deceased.

Elizabeth Bennett
c/o Richard Stone Partnership
25, Whitehall
London SW1A 2BS
ph. 071-839 6421

Michael Cashman
c/o Barry Burnett Organisation Ltd.
Suite 42-43 Grafton House
2-3 Golden Square
London W.1
ph. 071-437 7048/9

Sue Holderness
c/o Peter Browne Management
Pebro House
13, St. Martin's Road
London SW9 0SP
ph. 071-737 3444

Diane Keen
c/o Scott Marshall
44 Perryn Road
London W3 7NA
ph. 081-749 7692

Peter Laird
c/o Carol Martin Personal Management
19, Highgate West Hill
London N6 6NP
081-348 0847

Ray Lonnen
c/o Saraband Associates
265 Liverpool Road
London N1 1LX
ph. 071-609 5313/4

Alan MacNaughtan
c/o Felix de Wolfe
Manfield House
376-9 The Strand
London WC2R 0LR
ph. 071-379 5767

Roy Marsden
c/o Markham & Froggatt Ltd.
4, Windmill Street
London W1P 1HF
ph. 071-636 4412

Jana Shelden
c/o Roger Carey Management
64 Thornton Avenue
London W4 1QQ
ph. 081-995 4477

Bob Sherman
c/o Marmont Management Ltd.
Langham House
308 Regent Street
London W1R 5AL
ph. 071-637 3183

Richard Vernon
c/o Julian Belfrage Associates
68 St. James's Street
London S.W.1
ph. 071-491 4400

Jerome Willis
c/o Jeremy Conway Ltd.
109 Jermyn Street
London SW1Y 6HB
ph. 071-839 2121

Yorkshire Television Limited
Television House
32 Bedford Row
London WC1R 4HE
ph. 01-242 1666

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